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Jorge Yinat, Ph.D. 

Organization Developer 

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About Us

Our Experience

J|W|Y Consulting is a Business, eLearning, and Management firm providing value added to Corporate  Management functions to the business world and corporations with a systematic integration of business learning methodology to optimize the workplace by increasing sustainability, competitive advantages, performance, and succession strategies.  

Our Approach

J|W|Y Consulting guides clients in business decision making and development by determining, acquiring, analyzing – synthesizing, and disseminating relevant business-market data to mobilize organizations to action. Secondly, we optimize organizational performance through eWork-eLearn solutions to maintain a relevant and competitive workplace.   Thirdly, we mitigate business liability risk exposure through the implementation of business insurance solutions. J|W|Y Partners and Associates offer a comprehensive business evaluation with a complementary customized report and diagnosis of issues pertaining to your business industry. Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify strengths-opportunities-weaknesses-threats regarding your business, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule of implementation. Furthermore, J|W|Y offers a suite of eWork-eLearn quality-designed Work@Vantage® eLearning products that will help you and your workforce get to the next level quickly and smoothly.   

Why Us?

Access to Business & Management experts are a key to success. J|W|Y wants to give each business owner the time and guidance they deserve to achieve what is next.  Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right business insurance partner or a special managerial skillset or an eLearning tool, call us today. Together we’ll create and refine your strategic business plan and objectives for long sustainable goals. How do we ensure your success? We integrate work and learning for you! That’s how we ensure your success. 

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Jorge Yinat, Ph.D. Business & Management Consultant

Professional Interests

Are you interested in e-Learning solutions for your business? Do you own a business and have ideas to grow your revenue or to reach a new audience using world class Corporate eLearning Courses through Business and Management Consulting? If either of these describe you, then you want Work@Vantage, Business | eLearning | Management Consultants, develop e-Learning ideas turn into a reality for you. We partner with worldwide business e-Learning digital LMS leaders and business associates to create thousands of corporate customized e-Learning courses for the corporate world. Together, we will draw from our experience and share our secrets with you for:  • Testing and validating your training material to understand your audience  • Developing business plans and strategies by integrating e-Learning to business processes  • Conducting training assessments to set your workforce apart from your competitors  • Finding the right technical team to help you achieve your Business and Management goals  • Reaching your workforce online to optimize business effectiveness, productivity, and increasing your competive advantage .  

It is my pleasure to serve our business community with added valuable research and development, comprehensive business risk assessments, mitigating strategies and management solutions. Furthermore, in today’s digital world, I believe strongly in a more capable workforce empowered by eLearning technological advances customized to the remote and distributed corporate world. See me on LinkedIn.

General Excitement

These are exciting times for business development, startups and expansions and eLearning solutions. Your organization will benefit from our combined experience, background, credibility, and insights we provide to integrate you workplace. Take a look at the services we provide herewith. Everything we do at J|W|Y is driven by the value we create for your organization, Not Fees!  Therefore, your satisfaction is guaranteed because we will work for your business until success and satisfaction is achieved.

Credible Experience - Dedication - Background

We partner with industry leaders to provide you with the most current and advanced set of solutions to fit your needs;

> Extensive business and corporate experience, management scholars, Virginia Licensed Insurance Producer

> Reliable background, former career military officer service and training developers

> Expertise and educational credibility all related to the science of management, business research, organizational design and development, Army’s Command and General Staff College Graduate, BBA, MSc, and Ph.D.

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Integrating Business - Management -Workplace Learning || We add business value not fees!

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